Our Mission

... is to institute YOUR fourth branch of government ... and take back OUR other three.

Step 1: Learn

... about your real unalienable rights as a free and independent American!

Step 2: Join

... other patriots in taking back our courts and government offices.

Step 3: Teach

... your kids, your friends, your neighbors ... about true freedom.


... all peace-loving, family-oriented, patriotic Americans, victims of injustice, whistleblowers, disgruntled government officials and employees, wrongly disbarred attorneys and judges, and all others who wish to be free, sovereign, and independent People of OUR Republic, and no longer under the control of the ever-expanding Bureaucracy and THIER Police State!
Where "We the People" govern!

Where "We the People" govern!

YOUR fourth branch of government is about to take back OUR other three ...

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Never give up!

Remember, our government belongs to all of us ...