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Please know that the “Project #1-Nationwide Investigation” is being run by volunteers, and therefore 100% of your donations will go directly to the cause—to cover the costs of copying, printing, postage and other expenses.

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A Message from the Founder:

My family was destroyed in a "fixed" divorce in Colorado, and as one result, my five children and I have been separated and cutoff from all communications with each other for over a decade. Read more ...

Over the years, I have come to realize that millions of American families have been similarly attacked and pilfered in our family law courts, probate courts, criminal courts, and even in our federal courts, where corrupt attorneys and judges churn and fix cases to maximize profits, federal funding, and outright thefts, and do so these days with absolute impunity and immunity; that not only have our courts been taken over, but also our law enforcement for the most part and many of our local, state, and federal government offices, where corrupt officials look the other way, aid in the racketeering, and even commit their own crimes against the victims of injustice to get them to go away; and that the destruction of the American Family, the race and gender baiting and other divisions in our country, and the incremental treason culminating in today's massive corruption from coast-to-coast, were all engineered.

But it's not too late. People are waking up. People are walking away from the wicked. People are tuning out the "Mainstream Media" and their "fake news." People are learning their rights. People are advocating for the oppressed. People are standing up for whistleblowers. People are coming together and organizing. The American People are preparing to overthrow the overthrowers!

Thousands of groups have formed to "take back our courts," "reform family law," "hold judges accountable" and the like, but have found or will soon find, just like me, that although few in number those who have control of our money and courts and law enforcement have all the power. WE THE PEOPLE need to come together in one voice and scream, "NO MORE" to the "Establishment"!

Under THE PEOPLE'S BRANCH, millions of American People -- including Victims of Injustice, Volunteers, Advocates, Experts, whistleblowers, disgruntled government employees and officials, wrongly disbarred lawyers and judges, and other patriotic Americans in all walks of life -- can join together in one voice to demand protection for our families, put an end to the corruption, oust the corrupt, take back our courts and government offices, defend our liberties and constitutions, demand restoration of our Constitutional Republic, and much more. The time has come - are you game?

Great! I'm a one-man band right now, so bring your ideas and expertise and vision, show me how to run a government, teach me how to write code and manage data, volunteer to help with Project #1 or in any other capacity. Take part in any way you can!

You can support this cause in a number of ways. You can donate money and volunteer your time. You can donate vehicles, computers, office space, and meeting facilities (in Colorado to start). You can purchase my book. You can sell related books, T-shirts and patriotic memorabilia through TPB's store (coming soon). You can spread the word on social media and in your local communities.

With your help, TPB  can and will do practically anything we want it to do. Who knows? Maybe our Fourth Branch of Government will take off like a rocket and President Trump will call us to help him "Make America Great Again"!

I'll look forward to working with all of you,

~ John