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From the PREFACE:

… I, like thousands of other patriots, am not anti-government. We are anti-corrupt-government. We know that our government is the best ever devised in the history of mankind and we want to defend it from overthrow. This book is not intended to turn you against our government; it is intended to rally the vast majority to take back our government and to protect it from further harm.

Totalitarian bureaucrats have seized control of nearly every governmental function and have transformed our non-profit government into a greedy, profit-seeking, criminal organization. War has become big business and the main money-laundering technique for those stealing from our Treasury. Competitors and threats, such as the businesses of political enemies and coal companies and lightbulb manufacturers, are targeted for shut down. Overtaxed and overburdened American businesses are forced to outsource and headquarter overseas. Our “free” market economy and “free” enterprise system are manipulated daily. Trillions of dollars have been stolen from our Treasury. Our massive and unconstitutional public debt was planned and is purposely unsustainable. Our money is being spent frivolously to bankrupt the United States. Our AAA credit rating was purposely sabotaged. The U.S. dollar will likely be replaced as the world’s reserve currency. Wall Street has been hijacked. Our National Parks, public lands, seacoasts, harbors, ports, and other public property are being collateralized or given away to satisfy debts. Our labor has been collateralized and is being grossly overtaxed to run a massively bloated government operating outside its authority in all three branches and in nearly every office. The institutions of marriage and the family are under attack on several different fronts. So are our religious freedoms, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and rights to redress, to due process, and to bear arms. Our 180,000 local communities face increasing federalism, centralism, fascism, and other threats by illegitimate federal officials who have forgotten that their authority was granted by the very people they seek to bully, control and oppress with their mandates, and who have obviously forgotten that we can withdraw our consent at any time. Our Press has abandoned its role as watchdog of our government and now routinely lies to us about important matters and spreads disinformation and propaganda for those engaging in all these treasonous activities. And finally, as most Americans can clearly see, every facet of our society and our very way of life is being manipulated for the profit and control of the “global elite” or, as millions around the world now believe, for their “New World Order,” which seeks to takeover countries and resources, including ours, and consolidate them into a “one world government” under their control.

MY FELLOW AMERICANS: From time to time throughout this book, whenever subject matter regarding our nation may appear controversial or conspiratorial, I will clarify my statements or seek to prove the matter.
The New World Order is not controversial or conspiratorial. It is what they – the order, the membership, the global organized crime syndicate, the warmongers, the hardcore fascists, socialists and communists, the criminal factions within our government, the radical liberals and progressives in control of the bureaucracy, our foreign and domestic enemies, the traitors – call themselves.
But don’t take my word for it; whenever skeptical, do your own research. Google any phrase or sentence in this book. In this instance, Google “New World Order George H.W. Bush” or “New World Order Henry Kissinger” and read the articles and watch the videos to see what they say about their organization.

Regardless, though, of the proven and unproven theories about our foreign and domestic enemies, we can all easily see that our government of the people, by the people and for the people has been transformed into a government of a few, by a few and for a few. The wicked have risen to the top. All three branches of our government – legislative, executive, and judicial – are being purposely mismanaged, and we – the American People – are being misrepresented or altogether ignored. We have no voice whatsoever. Our federal government, and many of our state and local governments, have been taken over by a few who seek undue gain or power or both; some for themselves, but most for a higher power – a New World Order.

MY FELLOW AMERICANS: Don’t get me wrong here. Most in government are good people who work hard and love their families just like the rest of the vast majority.
The “few” are, say, two or perhaps three percent of our population, appointed or elected to many of the highest offices in our government, who are routinely breaking the law for a treasonous purpose. They are the ones that are occasionally exposed by whistleblowers. They are the ones who run as Democrats or Republicans just to be elected or appointed, but in actuality are operatives of the New World Order, the worst of the traitors, using their offices and betraying our trust to aid our foreign enemies in their plan to overthrow the United States.
Throughout this book, I will refer to our foreign and domestic enemies as the “NWO” or simply as the “few” or the “2%.”

Criminal factions exist and have been operating for decades – with impunity – in many of our government offices. A cursory review of recent facts confirms this. Several major scandals broke just while writing this book, including:

The Benghazi Cover Up Scandal, in which straight answers have been delayed for months regarding negligence in responding to the terrorist attack on our embassy in Benghazi on September 11, 2012; in which former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lashed out at a congressional committee trying to obtain the truth for the American People; in which the Obama administration is still stonewalling; which we can all see goes far past just a simple case of negligence or incompetence; and which appears now to be criminal negligence by many in our government, and worse, arms dealing and other treasonous crimes and conspiracies with our enemies.

The IRS Scandal, in which IRS agents delayed the 501(c)(4) tax-exemption applications of hundreds of conservative and religious groups considered political enemies of the far-left liberals who seek to “fundamentally transform” our nation; which we were first led to believe was being perpetuated by a couple of low-level agents in Cincinnati, but now know was known about by the IRS Commissioner and Chief Counsel and numerous high-ranking federal officials including several in the Obama administration; and which is now being downplayed as a “phony scandal” by those in the know.

The AP Scandal, in which U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder ordered the Department of Justice to secretly subpoena the private phone records of several Associated Press reporters that were doing their jobs to report the truth to the American People; which, when exposed, our corrupt Attorney General offered to investigate himself; and which seems to have been swept under the rug.

The NSA Scandal, in which, as we now know, nearly everyone on Earth, including 315 million Americans, our allies, and our trusted friends and neighbors, were being, or will be, spied upon by the NSA – or rather, by the criminal factions within our Department of Defense; in which, when asked under oath by a congressional committee, “Does the NSA collect any type of data on the American People?” the Director of National Intelligence, James R. Clapper, openly committed perjury by answering, “No … not wittingly”; in which we were then told was merely the gathering of phone numbers and email addresses, and then a little later the collection of “metadata,” but now, as our trust in our leaders plummets, a rapidly-growing number of Americans believe is the unlawful recording and storage of most if not all telephone conversations and the collection of most if not all email content (but which we can all be assured – by the criminals of course – that no one will ever hear or read unless we are suspected of plotting terrorism); and which the Bush and Obama administrations and hundreds of Congresspersons knew all about all along.

And now the ObamaCare Rollout Scandal, in which nearly one billion dollars and three-and-one-half years were wasted creating a terribly dysfunctional website to sell the bells and whistles of a known illegitimate law; in which we Americans were repeatedly lied to by our President; from which the real plan to takeover one-sixth of our economy is surfacing; from which the real plan to redistribute wealth is emerging; and from which our federal government will proceed to unlawfully spend trillions of dollars implementing, regulating, and funding a government function that is constitutionally reserved to the states and the people.

And although 2013 was filled with scandal after scandal, no one was arrested, no one was fired, no one was appropriately reprimanded. Why? Because the top-brass were involved in the scandals. Why is the truth being avoided in the Benghazi matter, in the IRS Scandal and in the other scandals? Why are we still being illegally spied upon? Why all the stonewalling? Why all the lies? Because our domestic enemies are nearing their goal of overthrow and do not care what we think.

In an era of open bribery and fraud upon the American People by the Obama administration and several members of Congress to obtain passage of ObamaCare, open insider trading by lawmakers who are apparently rigging legislation, open arms dealing by our Department of Justice in such programs as “Fast & Furious,” open “judicial activism” by supposedly neutral judges to promote the concept of a “living constitution” and to fix court cases in favor of one party over the other, open and widespread waste and overspending, and countless other high-crimes by officials, is it really so hard for us to believe that our government has been taken over – by some group – and that our leaders are being paid off, with our money, to position our military, our economy, and our culture – for some group – in what may be known as the greatest coup in history? Does anyone really believe that the foregoing facts are just conspiracy theories?

Or, is it more reasonable to believe that hardcore militant liberals and progressives are purposely overspending to bankrupt the United States, are rigging legislation and fixing court cases to pack our books with unconstitutional laws and special “rights” for themselves, are teaching tolerance for their immoral behavior to our children, and are doing all sorts of other things to position our Country for takeover by their bosses with the New World Order?

MY FELLOW AMERICANS: There is nothing wrong with being liberal or progressive. But there is a huge problem with being so radically liberal or progressive that the overt acts of the 2%, in furtherance of their cause, wars against the customs of the 98%.

Those of us who know the United States is crumbling – by design – are waiting for the rest of America to wake up and join us in taking back our Country.

How do we do that? We have three options:

One: We commit to a full-fledged revolution like our Founding Fathers. But even with 100 million gun owners in the United States, we don’t stand much of a chance against our foreign and domestic enemies who are currently in control of our military, our money and our government.

Two: We “throw off such Government,” as stated in our Declaration of Independence, and we “institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to [us] shall deem most likely to effect [our] Safety and Happiness,” which is what our forebears did following the American Revolution: they threw off England’s tyrannical governance and wrote the Constitution of the United States. But this too may be a bit drastic when considering that our government, as instituted by our Constitution, is sound, but has simply been seized and corrupted by our foreign and domestic enemies.

Three: We amend our Constitution to add a fourth branch of government to be known as “The People’s Branch,” which will oust the traitors from our government, investigate them, and hold them accountable and liable to the American People; which will manage our money from this point forward; which will collect the taxes we consent to; which will ensure that our government is operating within its means from now on; which will oversee all elections and voting; which will enforce constitutional compliance in all government offices; which will close – or downsize and manage – the most corrupted and wasteful offices; which will check and balance the power of the other three branches of government; which will return usurped powers and functions to the states and the people; which will consistently seek the truth about all governmental matters; which will right all governmental wrongs; which will provide us a voice in all matters of public interest; and which will re-secure “a more perfect Union … Justice … domestic Tranquility … common defence … general Welfare … Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity” and all other rights and privileges guaranteed to us by our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Our Founding Fathers had no choice but to fight for freedom in hand-to-hand combat. Fortunately, we do not have to resort to violence again to obtain the freedoms already won. We simply assert the rights and powers we already have; but instead of voicing our demands to deaf ears in the other three branches, we choose Option Three above, institute our own branch of government, and declare – to all concerned – the way that we will govern ourselves and the United States from that point on.


Chapter 1 contains the current draft of the proposed People’s Branch Amendment and invites public participation for its completion and passage.

Chapter 2 summarizes the existing government offices that should be transferred to The People’s Branch and proposes new names and functions.

Chapter 3 summarizes the proposed government offices and functions that will be created under The People’s Branch.

Chapter 4 exposes the New World Order and its treasonous mission against the United States, and explains why we need a fourth branch of government.

Chapter 5 reminds fellow citizens of the powers of the People of the United States and describes how we can exercise them through The People’s Branch.

Chapter 6 is a wake up call to all Americans and describes how to obey the call to action.

… As you read on, keep in mind that this book is merely a proposal to the American People. It lays just the foundation of The People’s Branch. It seeks to open up a nationwide discussion and participation by all who see its potential. It will become reality only if MY FELLOW AMERICANS, as a nation, agree that the nonviolent Option Three above is the only realistic way to take back our Country and government and resources, and then unite to carry it out.

… Perhaps it will be decided by the founders that a series of meetings like the Constitutional Conventions of 1789 should be held prior to adoption of the final wording. And perhaps, for the first time in history, the people of two-thirds of the states will come together in support of the People’s Branch Amendment. Regardless, as the concept spreads across the United States, I will look forward to working with business owners, churches, charitable organizations, parents, students, teachers, government employees, victims of government abuse and many others in all walks of life, who will participate with their ideas and suggestions in the founding of The People’s Branch.

We the People of the United States, both in government and in the private sector, will band together under our new branch of government to expose our foreign and domestic enemies and their crimes, to oust them from our government, to eradicate their treasonous plans, and to take back our offices and courts and military and money. The guilty will be punished for their crimes and held liable for damages. The innocent and oppressed will be freed. Peace will be declared. Liberty will be restored.

The public debt will be renounced to the traitors. Their massively overgrown bureaucracy will be shrunk back to within constitutional limits. Government corruption and waste will cease. Spending will be controlled. The budget will be balanced.

And we will show the world the value of freedom and how to obtain it, preserve it and live it.