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You'll BE AN AMERICAN in no time when you take one or more of Hillsdale College's free online courses. All Americans should know at least the basics about our Constitution. Don't be intimidated; these courses are interesting and informative and you will likely come away with something you can use and teach to others!

Here is a list of available courses:

Introduction to the Constitution: Lecture series by Hillsdale President Larry P. Arnn
Constitution 101: The Meaning & History of the Constitution
Constitution 201: The Progressive Rejection of the Founding
& the Rise of Bureaucratic Despotism
The Presidency and the Constitution
The Federalist Papers
The U.S. Supreme Court
Public Policy from a Constitutional Viewpoint
History 101: Western Heritage: From the Book of Genesis to John Locke
History 102: American Heritage: From Colonial Settlement to the Reagan Revolution
Economics 101: The Principles of Free Market Economics

Great Books 101: Ancient to Medieval
Great Books 102: Renaissance to Modern
A Proper Understanding of K-12 Education: Theory & Practice
Winston Churchill and Statesmanship
An Introduction to C.S. Lewis: Writings and Significance
Athens and Sparta
Shakespeare: Hamlet and the Tempeste

TuttleTwins-BorderDear Parents:

As you and most other American parents are likely aware, our public schools are a disaster.

Millions now believe that American children have been increasingly and purposely "dumbed-down" over the past several decades, for a variety of reasons, including treasonous ones.

There is no doubt about the facts that the education system in the U.S.A. has been slipping in the worldwide rankings for years in mathematics, science, history, and other subjects; that civics, law, rights, responsibilities, self-governance, and other important subjects are rarely taught these days; and that our federal government "usurped" the role of the States in education nearly a century ago and has been illegally mandating this and that and otherwise acting unconstitutionally in this area ever since.

One of TPB's future Projects will be to rally all Americans to demand that Congress defund the Department of Education and other unconstitutional federal offices and return all usurped powers to the States and the People.

In the meantime, as if not burdened enough, American parents will have to make sure that their kids know the basics of government to give them a fighting chance in modern society. Fortunately, authors like Connor Boyack, who writes the "THE TUTTLE TWINS" series, is answering the call, so parents and their children have the resources they need.

Now, all we have to do is get them to drop the video games and pick up a book when they're bored!

“Each year, hundreds of millions of children are spoon-fed false history, bad economics, and logical fallacies.” ~ THE TUTTLE TWINS series author, Connor Boyack