Imagine a branch of government run by the American People!

TPB-Constitutional Convention– No more corruption.

– No more waste.

– No more debt.


– Balanced budgets.

– Statesmen politicians.

– Limited government.

– Self-governance.

Is it really possible? Only We – the American People – can decide.

It’s great to see thousands of groups rallying their membership to “take back our government” and to “restore” our freedoms and justice and Rule of Law and this and that, but unless we work together, none of that is possible. We need a vehicle that can carry a few hundred million people, and their ideas and their causes, to fruition.

That vehicle is THE PEOPLE’S BRANCH, and it is launching NOW !


As many of you now know, or at least feel, our Country is in serious trouble.

The fact is that the United States of America have been taken over. By whom? By bureaucrats. For whom? The “New World Order.” For what? For money, of course. How much money? Hundreds-of-trillions of dollars. How? By incremental treason since the founding of our Nation.

Surprised? Skeptical? Then you need to stop listening to the “fake news” disseminated by the globalist-owned “Mainstream Media” and do your own research. Fortunately, in this Digital Age you have access to unlimited information online.

To find out about the New World Order, for instance, just “Google” it (or “Startpage” it), and read articles and watch videos about that particular subject matter. Here is a compilation of four speeches by President George H.W. Bush, which included plugs for the New World Order.

If you will diligently research keywords and phrases for an hour or two every day for a week, you’ll know the basics of whatever is important to you (which you’ve been missing because the Mainstream Media is hiding it from you), and will begin to see the treason all around you.

Then join us in the rebirth of our Nation!

THE PEOPLE’S BRANCH (TPB) will unite the People of the United States – any and all peace-loving, patriotic Americans (i.e., the vast majority), including victims of injustice, whistleblowers, disgruntled government officials and employees, wrongly disbarred attorneys and judges, and any and all other free, sovereign, and independent people – in a nonviolent national movement to take back our courts and government offices from the traitors and bring them to justice, restore our families and Republic and Lands and other treasures, renounce the public debt to those who created it, dismantle the Central Banking System, manage our money, and much, much more.

To accomplish its multi-faceted Mission, TPB will collaborate with constitutional Experts, Advocates, Volunteers, and other professionals, in each of its endeavors, starting with “Project #1” to assist Victims of Injustice in obtaining the government services to which they are entitled. And many of these patriotic Americans will be invited to help establish and run our fourth branch of government.

TPB will work closely with the new Trump Administration, and will “extend an olive branch” to Congress and state and local authorities, to take whatever action necessary to resolve matters for which our government is responsible — e.g., in Project #1, to provide remedial services to victims of injustice in the Civil and Criminal Justice Systems, and to impeach and remove from office all judges and officials found to be involved in the injustices and ban them from ever holding another public office. Only in this way will we be able to reclaim our courts and government offices from the criminal factions infiltrated by our foreign and domestic enemies.

The nonviolent “revolution” starts right now! So, round up your loved ones and get behind THE PEOPLE’S BRANCH in whatever way you can!


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