THE PEOPLE’S BRANCH (TPB) is merely an idea at this point – the concept of a fourth branch of government, which will be designed to restore the power of the People of the United States, so that “We the People” can take back our courts and government offices, remove the corrupt from office and their corruption from our government, restore the original meaning and purpose of the principles and provisions of our Constitution, educate the public in self-governance, do whatever else we need done, and forever have a voice in the affairs of our government.

Is TPB an anti-government organization?

No. To the contrary, all true American Patriots believe that we have the best government ever constituted in the history of mankind. TPB will safeguard this blessing. TPB is pro-constitutional-government, but anti-corrupt-government. We intend to non-violently exercise our rights to the fullest to accomplish TPB‘s mission, and we expect our current and future leaders to uphold our rights in our courts and government offices from this point forward.

Is a Fourth Branch of Government possible?

Absolutely! TPB can be instituted by Amendment to the Constitution of the United States; see Article V. Regardless, though, of whether or not TPB becomes part of our government, TPB will seek to bring together – in one voice – all related advocacy groups and millions of victims of injustice, neglected crime victims, parents, patriots, whistleblowers, wrongly disbarred lawyers and judges, disgruntled government employees and officials, and all other concerned Americans, to demand constitutional compliance by our other three branches of government.

Won’t a Fourth Branch of Government just add to the Bureaucracy?

No, just the opposite; the American People will be able to use their new branch of government to eliminate the bureaucracy and their special interest groups altogether. TPB will educate Americans to govern themselves and to “Be An American” in every respect; aid the other three branches of government in fulfilling their duties at the local level; eradicate fraud, waste, cronyism, nepotism, usurpation and other governmental abuses; modernize our government at all levels, and do many other things, mostly on a volunteer basis – all of which will enable us to downsize our government to a small fraction of its present unconstitutional, grossly-massive size.

Imagine local, state and federal government at one-tenth its current size, operating on an annual budget of less than one-trillion dollars, a flat tax or national sales tax of no more than 10%, and a surplus every year that is refunded to the States so their People can truly help the poor. Only in America is this doable!

How will TPB accomplish its Mission?

The only way TPB can accomplish its Mission is with the combined efforts of millions of Americans – Experts, Advocates, and other Volunteers – working in concert to plan, design and organize TPB from the ground up, to implement TPB‘s purposes, and to perform TPB‘s functions nationwide.

So, whatever your expertise, concern, or talent, sign up and take part in this historic, epic adventure!

When will this concept actualize and become reality?

TPB is launching NOW! Only YOUthe American People – can decide if and when TPB will become a reality.

What will be TPB’s primary focus?

In the beginning, TPB will focus on certain attainable “Projects,” starting with Project #1 to aid Victims of Injustice in obtaining the services to which they are entitled from the other three branches of our government; successful projects will be modeled nationwide. TPB‘s overall focus is to become “America’s One-Call Government Troubleshooter” in each of our 3143 counties and 180,000 local communities. TPB‘s ultimate focus is to become your Fourth Branch of Government.

Where will TPB start?

TPB will start in Jefferson County, Colorado. If Coloradans step up, TPB will remain there; if not, TPB will be headquartered more strategically depending on participation, feedback, and other factors.