will be instituted
by our new

which will also:

RESTORE: our Republic;

our freedoms & rights;

our heritage;

our property;

our families;

our communities;

our ‘American Dream’;

END: ‘income taxes’;

‘the Fed’ (central banking);

public debt & overspending;

“governmental racketeering”;


censorship & discrimination;

oppression & tyranny;

AND: whatever else


of the

United States of America

want it to do!

It’s All In There!

For one, see our new

Bill of Fundamental Rights“:

USA Constitution

Bill of Fundamental Rights

Section H. This USA Constitution additionally reestablishes the declaratory and restrictive provisions of our former ‘Bill of Rights’—the first ten Amendments** to our original Constitution—as essential to the freedoms promised to WTP-USA, which restrict the powers conferred herein to our new government, which shall be known and cited henceforth as our “Bill of Fundamental Rights,” and which are separated and enhanced as follows:

1. Freedom from deprivation of unalienable rights—No human being in the USA, including the unborn, whether or not one of WTP-USA, shall be deprived of life, liberty, property or any other unalienable right endowed by our Creator, without due process of law;

2. Freedom of life path—No law shall be made, nor action taken, infringing upon the freedom to choose one’s life path, place, calling, work, health, and other values;

3. Freedom of peaceful religion—No law shall be made, nor action taken, respecting the establishment of any religion, or prohibiting the free exercise of peaceful religion;

4. Freedom of truthful speech—No law shall be made, nor action taken, abridging the freedom of truthful speech, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;

5. Freedom of the truthful press—No law shall be made, nor action taken, abridging the freedom of the truthful press, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;

6. Freedom of peaceful assembly—No law shall be made, nor action taken, abridging the right to peaceably assemble, or prohibiting the free exercise of peaceful assembly;

7. Right to privacy—The right to privacy shall not be violated in any way, including but not limited to undue and unlawful surveillance, metadata gathering, data mining and selling, interoffice sharing of private data and all other invasions of privacy;

8. Parental rights—No law shall be made, nor action taken, abridging the rights and liberties of parents to righteously direct the upbringing, education, healthcare and discipline of their children; nor shall parental rights be diminished or terminated without just cause;

9. Private property rights—No law shall be made, nor action taken, abridging the rights of WTP-USA to own, use, buy, sell and otherwise exercise full ownership of private property; nor shall private property be taken for public use without just compensation;

10. Right to self-governance—No law shall be made, nor action taken, abridging the right of WTP-USA to righteously govern ourselves, our dependents and our families, at all times, in all circumstances, without governmental intrusion;

11. Rights to redress in all injurious matters—All violations of fundamental rights shall entitle the injured to full redress of injuries, whether by affidavit and notice, via our government, or otherwise, including injunctive relief, correction of wrongs, prompt reimbursement of reasonable damages, and common law trial by jury if necessary; and no fact established by common law due process or tried by common law jury shall be otherwise re-examined in any USA court than according to the rules of American Common Law;

12. Rights to governmental services in all criminal matters—All criminal violations of fundamental rights shall entitle the injured to crime victim services, including protection from further harm, investigation, probable cause verification and findings, presentment of probable cause to appropriate grand juries, grand jury indictment of suspects, prosecution of suspects, and appropriate punishment of the guilty;

13. Right to be secure—The right to be secure in our persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures and all other color-of-law forms of governmental aggression and oppression, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized;

14. Right to keep and bear arms—The right to keep and bear arms, being necessary to the security of WTP-USA, our families and our free nation, shall not be infringed;

15. Right to well regulated Militias—The right to well regulated Militias, being necessary to the security of each of our free States, shall not be infringed;

16. Right to emergency military protection—During war, invasion, insurrection, coup, riot or other public danger anywhere in the USA, martial law shall be jurisdictionally declared and a posse comitatus of our military forces shall take immediate action to protect WTP-USA and quell said attacks. However, at no other time shall our military forces engage domestically, enforce law, or otherwise interrupt the protections of WTP-USA;

17. Right to Grand Jury indictment—No person shall be held to answer for a capital offense or felony unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in our military or militia forces when in actual service in time of war or public danger;

18. Rights to fair criminal process and trial—In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall have rights to: habeas corpus, if at issue; a speedy and public trial of both the facts and law by an impartial jury of peers; the assistance of defense counsel; be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; be confronted with opposing witnesses; the compulsory process for obtaining favorable witnesses; freedom from compulsion to be a witness against self; freedoms from excessive bail, excessive fines, cruel and unusual punishments, and any other governmental excesses; and freedom from double jeopardy of being subjected twice or put twice in jeopardy of life or limb for the same offense;

19. Right to retention of all rights—The enumeration in this USA Constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage other rights retained by WTP-USA; and

20. Right to retention of all powers—All powers are reserved to WTP-USA and to our respective governments as we consent herein and in our State Constitutions.

** Our ‘Bill of [10] Rights’ will no longer be Amendments. Our “Bill of [20] Fundamental Rights” will be written into our new “USA Constitution.”

And our USA Constitution institutes


and “enumerates” TPB‘s powers:

Article IV. The Branches of Our USA Government

Section A. There shall be four branches of our USA Government:


2. The Legislative Branch;

3. The Judicial Branch; and

4. The Diplomatic Branch.


Section A. The exclusive, ultimate and executive powers of WE THE PEOPLE (WTP) of the United States of America (USA)(WTP-USA) shall be overseen by a Trustee General and two Vice-Trustee Generals and attended by a Board of National Trustees of a supreme branch of government to be known as “THE PEOPLE’S BRANCH.”

Section B. THE PEOPLE’S BRANCH shall be separate but all-encompassing and superior in power to the other three branches of government; and shall execute the powers of WTP-USA locally, statewide, nationally, and internationally, concurrently in any and all jurisdictions.

Section C. THE PEOPLE’S BRANCH shall have exclusive powers:

1. To hold in trust, buy, sell, and otherwise trade the public property of WTP-USA;

2. To oversee all assets, liabilities and financial affairs of the USA;

3. To create, produce and oversee all money for the USA and WTP-USA;

4. To create, fund, and terminate all governmental functions, offices and positions;

5. To tax;

6. To oversee all commerce;

7. To oversee all elections;

8. To oversee all immigration;

9. To conduct the census;

10. To establish and maintain common law courts;

11. To establish and maintain common law grand juries;

12. To establish and maintain militias;

13. To declare war and command military action, both abroad and within the USA;

14. To provide all local, state and national law enforcement services;

15. To provide welfare and all other human services;

16. To provide postal services;

17. To provide public education; and

18. To delegate powers.

Section D. THE PEOPLE’S BRANCH shall have ultimate powers:

1. To constitute, regulate and manage all governmental functions which affect WTP-USA;

2. To maintain constitutional compliance in all governmental functions and actions;

3. To undertake and command governmental actions which will benefit WTP-USA;

4. To institute and manage our “USA Sales Tax” which shall never exceed ten percent (10%);

5. To commensurately limit State sales tax, property taxes and all other taxes;

6. To coin money and manage the assets, liabilities and financial affairs of the USA;

7. To restore and oversee the free market economy and free enterprise system in the USA;

8. To restore, secure and protect public property of the USA;

9. To restore, secure and protect private property of WTP-USA;

10. To oversee interstate and international commerce of the USA;

11. To oversee interstate and international commerce of WTP-USA;

12. To oversee all local, state and national elections in the USA;

13. To oversee all immigration into the USA and assimilation to the values of the USA;

14. To conduct and integrate the census with immigration, elections, and other services;

15. To constitute common law courts of record for disputes of and against WTP-USA;

16. To remedy all unresolved matters of WTP-USA;

17. To constitute common law grand juries for crimes of and against WTP-USA;

18. To indict, prosecute, punish and pardon WTP-USA;

19. To institute and maintain militias in every County for added protection of WTP-USA;

20. To provide all domestic law enforcement services for WTP-USA;

21. To provide all welfare and other domestic human services for WTP-USA;

22. To provide all postal services within and without the USA;

23. To provide all public education in the USA;

24. To nullify unconstitutional laws, rules, orders, regulations, policies, customs, and actions;

25. To rescind, abolish, outlaw and otherwise withdraw consent to stop governmental abuses;

26. To right wrongs—whether legislative, executive, judicial, civil or commercial;

27. To ensure transparency, accountability and responsibility by all governmental offices;

28. To respond to disasters and emergencies—whether national, regional, state or local; and

29. To take whatever action necessary, whenever necessary, for the welfare of WTP-USA.

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Depopulation plans;

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Election rigging;

Legislation rigging;

“Governmental racketeering”;

etc., etc., etc.

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