The ultimate goal of THE PEOPLE’S BRANCH (TPB) is to become your Fourth Branch of Government.

Our Mission will be to take whatever action necessary to:

* Give 300 million Americans a voice in government;
* Halt the sickening, unconstitutional overspending;
* Renounce the massive public debt to those who engineered it;
* Take away the “Power of the Purse” from Congress;
* Manage our money;
* Allow us to set the tax rates;
* Allow us to vote on all matters of public interest;
* Investigate and indict our enemies, both foreign and domestic;
* Hold all offices and officials accountable;
* Enforce constitutional compliance;
* Abolish unconstitutional laws, regulations, mandates, incentives, and subsidies;
* Modernize our government;
* Truly help the poor and needy;
* And anything else we want it to do.

WE THE PEOPLE of the united States of America will modify TPB‘s mission from time to time according to your feedback.