Treason in


YES! Unfortunately, treason is not just in Washington DC.

Treason … !

Dear Liz, JC & Josh:

This page needs a lot of work. It will expose Minnesota’s “case-fixers,” “governmental racketeers” and other traitors, invite the People of Minnesota to help take back our State, and, most importantly, encourage victims of injustice, witnesses and whistleblowers to step forward.

But first, I want to awaken Minnesotans, Americans and People all around the world, with your documentary and other eye-opening evidence, to the extent of the treason.

NOTICE to Minnesota’s ‘DEEP STATE’

WTP-MN seek a peaceful transfer of power…

Treason … !

Minnesota Secretary of State
~ and traitor ~
Keith Ellison - Deep State Traitor
Minnesota Attorney General
~ and traitor ~

NOTICE to Minnesota’s ‘DEEP STATE’

WTP-MN seek a peaceful transfer of power…

Here are a few of Minnesota’s “Case-Fixers” in Ramsey County:

Leonardo Castro is a Traitor

Chief Judge Leonardo Castro

Sara R. Grewing is a Traitor

Assistant Chief Judge Sara R. Grewing

Laura E. Nelson is a Traitor

Judge Laura E. Nelson

Lezlie Ott Marek is a Traitor

Judge Lezlie Ott Marek

John H. Guthmann is a Traitor

Judge John H. Guthmann

Mark Ireland is a Traitor

Judge Mark Ireland

Robert A. Awsumb is a Traitor

Judge Robert A. Awsumb

Maria Mitchell is a Traitor

Judge Maria Mitchell

Richard H. Kyle Jr. is a Traitor

Judge Richard H. Kyle Jr.

Susan M. Robiner is a Traitor

Judge Susan M. Robiner

Jeffrey G. Shorba is a Traitor

State Court Administrator Jeffrey G. Shorba

2nd JD Court Administrator Michael F. Upton

[And this page will show Minnesota’s Patriots how they can bring the traitors to justice and otherwise participate in taking back our State!]