WE THE PEOPLE of the United States of America will establish and manage THE PEOPLE’S BRANCH (TPB)!

TPB will start off as a nonprofit organization, with the overall goal of becoming our fourth branch of government. To get TPB off the ground, we seek donations of time and money from patriotic Americans who can envision the end of waste, overreach and corruption in our government, and will help us mold and shape it into all it can be.

Founders – including constitutional scholars and other experts – will collaborate, formulate, and establish TPB, in the best interests of life, liberty, property and other unalienable rights of the People.

Volunteers will spread the word about TPB and carry out its functions in their states and local communities, where TPB will become known as “America’s One-Call Government Troubleshooter.”

Advocates will administer TPB‘s projects and assist victims of injustice and other suffering Americans in obtaining the protection and relief and other government services to which they are entitled from the other three branches of our government.

Victims of Injustice, oppression, or any other abuse by our government, who receive help are encouraged to help others in any way they can.

Together, WE THE PEOPLE — 300+ million strong — will stop the incremental treason by the “New World Order” and their bureaucrats in their attempted takeover of our Country, and take back our government from the wicked!