ADVOCATES will also be key to the success of THE PEOPLE’S BRANCH (TPB) and its Projects.

You can get involved at any level you wish, from just announcing Project #1 to your group, to helping TPB teach victims how to allege and prove their claims, to helping TPB with the nuts and bolts of the investigation.

If you are the founder or leader of an established group, nonprofit, or other organization with a following and a track record of advocacy for victims of injustice, and can assist Victims of Injustice in your group and locale or help with any other task, please fill out our initial sign up form below:

TPB and PSA have strict privacy policies. Your information will be shared with other advocates, volunteers, founders, investigators and others working on our missions and projects, but will never be shared with third parties or publicly without your permission.

Thank you for your service to the People of the united States of America!


Direct victims of injustice to TPB‘s website to get on the nationwide database for investigation (see Project #1).


Assist victims of injustice in their group and/or home state and local communities with future steps in the investigation, such as alleging facts, gathering evidence, and otherwise proving their claims. [NOTE: It is TPB‘s goal to do everything electronically and provide advocates and victims with forms that they can fill out and submit from the comfort of their homes; if you or anyone you know can help with the creation of this system, please email us at Thank you.]


Have social media memes promoting your Advocacy Group and “Proud Sponsor” slicks that can be added to your memes and ads. Let’s help each other hit the national stage quickly by promoting each other’s causes. Always remember, true advocacy is never a competition; and those who approach their endeavor with that attitude and/or fight with other advocates for attention are “fake advocates” and will be kicked off the team immediately. 

Launch a Newsletter spotlighting Advocates and their work and featuring columns written by Advocates; if anyone has experience writing newsletters and would like to head up this project and any other endeavor, please email us.

Launch a Store where Advocates can sell T-shirts, books, and other items to raise funds for their cause.

Take any good action you suggest along the way …