FOUNDERS — including leading Patriots, Constitutional Scholars, Experts in many fields, and other qualified, free, sovereign, and independent People of the United States of America — are sought to assist in founding and establishing THE PEOPLE’S BRANCH (TPB).

I, John Mark (pen-name: “John Q. Public Sr.”), the founder of TPB and of Pro Se Alliance (PSA), seek not fame, fortune or a following, but rather a fellowship with “WE THE PEOPLE,” who value our unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, to not only take back our courts and government offices from the traitors and bring them to justice, but also to rebuild our government and to forever protect our God-given rights and freedoms, as intended by our Founding Fathers.

My ultimate goal is to constitute TPB as our fourth branch of government. In my book, I propose a “People’s Branch Amendment” to the Constitution of the United States, the branch’s initial framework comprised of offices to be transferred to and created by TPB, and the main features and functions of TPB‘s offices; all of which are nothing more than concepts at this time.

My vision for TPB is that it will unite the People of the United States – including but not limited to victims of injustice, advocates, volunteers, patriots, experts, whistleblowers, disgruntled government employees and officials, wrongly disbarred attorneys and judges, etc., as well as all other good government employees and officials, attorneys and judges, and Americans of every stripe, who are sick and tired of the corruption, overreach, and outright treason by the “Establishment” – to exercise their rights to the fullest under their new branch of government.

E.g., to renounce the public debt to those who created it; to dismantle the Central Banking System, the Federal Reserve, the federal bureaucracy, and the administrative police state; to take the “power of the purse” from Congress if they fail to reform their ways and manage our money and assets into perpetuity; to abolish the Tax Code and all other unconstitutional laws and regulations; to modernize our government, downsize it to one-tenth its present size, and require constitutional compliance from that point on; and to truly help the poor and less-fortunate in our Country, by mainly getting out of the way and letting the most charitable People in history do their stuff.

Nothing is or will be set in stone until the experts weigh-in on all matters and the People have their say through TPB‘s future platforms. For example, my idea of a “Board of Directors” in the proposed People’s Branch Amendment in my book is just that: an idea; an Amendment to our Constitution will be pursued only after exhaustive collaboration with Experts and debate by the People.

Likewise, each of TPB‘s Projects will begin with an invitation to experts, advocates and volunteers, who will define the objectives of the project and formulate a plan to carry it out, identify the victims and other beneficiaries and aid them in participating in the project, and carry out the project at the local level all across the United States.

As the effort behind TPB grows, the need for management professionals, IT consultants, other business experts, and professionals in many other fields will increase proportionately, and so the pursuit of the brightest minds in the United States will be ongoing.

The magnitude of this undertaking is enormous. And TPB will need the help of thousands of Americans to pull it off. Fortunately, there are millions now with their eyes wide-open to the treason, and countless People ready and willing to offer their talents and expertise to the cause of ousting the criminal factions from our government, restoring our government to its original design, and “making America great again.”

If you are a leading Patriot, Constitutional Scholar, Expert, or one of the other qualified, free, sovereign, and independent People of the united States of America, who would like to take part in the founding of our fourth branch of government or in any of TPB‘s Projects, please fill out the following initial form:

TPB and PSA have strict privacy policies. Your information will be shared with other founders, advocates, volunteers, and others working on our missions, but will never be shared with any third party or publicly without your permission.

Add additional contact info, describe your level of interest, comment on any part of TPB's ministry or missions, provide the names of others who would be great TPB founders, and so on ...

Thank you for your service to the People of the united States of America!