This page will announce TPB‘s projects. Your suggestions are welcome below.

Project #1 – (launching now):
Aid Victims of Injustice in obtaining the services to which they are entitled from the other three branches of our government.

Project #2:
End the “Case Fixing” taking place all across the United States in divorces, dependency and neglect cases, and other family law cases, probate cases, criminal cases, bankruptcies and other federal actions, and nearly every other type of court case in both the state and federal courts; disincentivize, expose, oust, ban, impeach, and/or charge all “case fixing criminals,” racketeers and other perpetrators of injustice in our state and federal courts.

Project #3:
End all corruption in Child Protective Services (CPS), Child Support Services (CSS), Adult Protective Services (APS), and all other Human Services; disincentivize, expose, oust, ban, and charge all human service officials and caseworkers engaging in criminal misconduct; completely defund, reorganize and relaunch CPS, CSS, and APS.

Project #4:
End “Parental Alienation” – a phenomenon increasingly existent in divorce and separation each year, in which one parent turns, or brainwashes, their children against the other parent, usually for financial advantage, and which is many times sponsored by the family courts, law enforcement and other government offices – with a national campaign to educate the public about this form of child abuse and domestic violence, which today affects an estimated 28 million American parents and children; educate psychologists, attorneys, judges and other officers of the court; work with state lawmakers to introduce remedial legislation; disincentivize the alienators and expose, oust, ban, and charge all officials sponsoring this scourge.

Project #5:
Take back our courts, both state and federal; reestablish the common law court system, both civil and criminal; reestablish the common law grand jury system; educate the public about jury nullification and other rights; strengthen or devise and implement a system of checks and balances, transparency and accountability in our judicial branch of government.

Project #6:
Take back our local, state and federal government offices; dismantle the Administrative State; disincentivize all government services; deregulate all offices operating in any way which is not “in pursuance thereof” the principles and provisions of our Constitution.

Project #7:
Repeal all unconstitutional laws, rules, policies, regulations, mandates, incentives, subsidies, case law precedence, and any other instrument not made “in pursuance thereof” the principles and provisions of our Constitution or that infringes upon our unalienable rights.

Project #8:
Renounce the $20 Trillion Public Debt to the traitors who engineered it.

Project #9:
Get the US out of the UN and the UN out of the US.