One of the main reasons THE PEOPLE’S BRANCH (TPB) was created was for the millions of Victims of Injustice in the United States, where today, due to the former feckless administrations, nearly every court case is “fixed” to some degree, to benefit the bureaucrats who have seized control of our courts, the officers of that court, and the government.

One of TPB‘s greatest functions in the beginning will be to aid victims of injustice in obtaining the services to which they are entitled from the other three branches of our government.

On November 29, 2016, the founder of TPB and Pro Se Alliance (PSA), who is also a victim of injustice, wrote to the new Trump Administration requesting a comprehensive ongoing investigation, oversight, and other services in the federal civil and criminal justice systems.

As soon as President Trump’s nominees are confirmed, TPB will begin working directly with officials in Washington DC on individual investigations and relief for victims in the criminal and civil justice systems, including federal protection and other crime victim services for those still being victimized.

Once the initial Victims of Injustice have signed up in the investigation, further Projects will be launched to stop the “case fixing” and other injustices taking place nationwide in our state and federal courts, to restore families, to recover property, and to otherwise make Victims of Injustice whole again.

To handle what may be the largest investigation in the history of our Country, TPB will be setting up what may be the largest network of Volunteers, Advocates and Experts in history.

Volunteers and Advocates will assist the investigators at the local level and aid Victims of Injustice in gathering their evidence, and pleading and proving their claims.

Criminologists, Private Investigators, FOIA Specialists, and other Experts are sought to help TPB present the essential elements of the state and federal crimes being committed and explain the civil and criminal justice processes to the People, and to assist Victims in gathering evidence, information and statistics and determining chain-of-command and responsibilities.

Victims of “case fixing” in divorce, probate or in the criminal justice system, of corruption by Child Protective Services or Child Support Services, of obstruction of justice or intentional negligence by local, state and federal law enforcement or other officials who are knowingly looking the other way, or of any other injustice, should first get their names and basic information on the nationwide database by filling out the brief initial form on the Victims of Injustice page, and then please help TPB spread the word far and wide about the investigation and help other victims through the process.