Mock Command #4

Reclaim Public Education

Mock Command #4: to reclaim USA Public Education



To the People of the United States of America

WE THE TRUSTEES of THE PEOPLE’S BRANCH (“TPB”)—our Branch of Government—do hereby FIND the following:

WHEREAS, the ‘New World Order’ (NWO)—by and through its “Deep State Traitors” infiltrated into nearly all local, state, and federal government offices, including our public schools and universities—has indoctrinated and otherwise “dumbed-down” the American People long enough; and

WHEREAS, the NWO’s de facto illegitimate incorporated ‘federal government’ (a shadow government) has taken over the educational system in our country and is literally brainwashing our youth into their totalitarian agenda; and

WHEREAS, the Deep State’s ‘federal government’ usurped the educational function from the States and the People, instituted the ‘U.S. Department of Education’ and other de facto offices, and has set up a massive network of ‘nonprofits,’ quasi-governmental agencies and subcontractors into which to launder billions every year; and

WHEREAS, the USA once had, can have, and will again have the best educational system in the world.


THAT, until all public schools, educational facilities, officials, and personnel, are transferred to TPB, all public schools, educational facilities, intellectual property, equipment, and other assets, shall be seized for the People; and

THAT public education and power to regulate it is returned to the States; and

THAT the indoctrination programs known as ‘Common Core’ and ‘Critical Race Theory’ and all related rules and regulations are abolished as unconstitutional;

THAT all acts, laws, and rules regulating education are accordingly void; and

THAT the U.S. Department of Education is transferred to TPB & closed; and

THAT all TPB offices shall take whatever action necessary to carry out the COMMANDS herein dispensed.

COMMANDED this ___ Day of _________, 2023.

~ Sample (“MOCK”) COMMAND ~

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