Mock Command #6

Reclaim Public Health Services

Mock Command #6: to reclaim Health & Human Services



To the People of the United States of America

WE THE TRUSTEES of THE PEOPLE’S BRANCH (“TPB”)—our Branch of Government—do hereby FIND the following:

WHEREAS the ‘New World Order’ (“NWO”)—our ‘foreign enemies’—by and through its “Deep State Traitors”—our ‘domestic enemies’ infiltrated into nearly every local, state, and federal government office—incrementally infiltrated its traitors into the ‘US’ Department of Health & Human Services, the National Institute of Health and other Public Health offices to dispense the NWO’s medical tyranny in the USA during their attempt to takeover our country; and

WHEREAS said traitors at NIH funded outlawed gain-of-function research, which undoubtedly led to the bio-weapons attack known as ‘COVID-19’; and

WHEREAS said traitors at DHHS and other ‘federal’ offices being transferred to TPB incentivized hospitals and health professionals to falsely test and diagnose COVID patients, place infected patients in nursing homes, even murder patients with ventilators, and otherwise game the system for extra COVID funding.


THAT all said traitors, and the traitors responsible for incentivizing, funding or otherwise engaging in the rampant “governmental racketeering,” shall be immediately arrested and processed in TPB‘s criminal justice system;

THAT all remaining assets, revenues and funding from all sources of DHHS, NIH and other Public Health offices shall be seized and given to TPB‘s Board of National Trustees for the operation of the USA Government offices which are replacing said treasonous organizations under our USA Constitution; and

THAT all TPB offices shall take whatever action necessary to carry out the COMMANDS herein dispensed.

COMMANDED this ___ Day of _________, 2023.

~ Sample (“MOCK”) COMMAND ~

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