Mock Docs” Introduction

Dear America:

We – the “Founding Patriots” of our new United States of America (“USA Founding Patriots“) – in preparation for the implementation of our new “USA Government” under our proposed “USA Constitution,” propose to set up and begin operations of THE PEOPLE’S BRANCH.

The “Mock Docs” on this website are not official, yet. They show how WE THE PEOPLE of our new USA (“WTP-USA“) will take down the ‘New World Order‘ (our foreign enemies) and its ‘Deep State‘ (our domestic enemies) and bring them to justice.

Mock Proposals,” containing our purposely inflammatory words, are presented ahead of Official Proposals, to open the eyes of the American People to the seriousness of our present situation and to make it clear to the NWO and their Deep State that we are all done with their treason in our USA and will be—nonviolently, with pen and paper—purging their evil from our midst. 

To demonstrate the power of WTP-USA under TPB, initial “Mock Commands” are prepared, as if we were initial “TPB Trustees,” to command our local, state and national (federal) government employees—who are currently being exploited by the NWO and Deep State to carry out their treason, but will soon work for us under TPB—to turn on the traitors, blow-the-whistle on them, and help us bring them to justice.

And “Mock Suits,” “Mock Affidavits of Injury,” “Mock Grand Jury Indictments” and such will bring them to justice.

Pay special attention to the sample Suits and Affidavits of Injury, which will bring about justice in our new USA, in place of the soon-to-be-defunct ‘legal system.’

In typical situations, injured parties will serve Affidavits of Injury upon those liable. If those liable fail to timely ‘refute’ the claims, they must pay the damages demanded in the claims. If those liable fail to pay for the damages they caused they will be in default and in automatic debt to those they injured.

In most situations, WTP-USA will not have to ‘go to court’ or get an ‘attorney.’ And, from the comfort of our own homes when we are injured, WTP-USA will be able to obtain reasonable remedies and, in the event of default, to record liens and other instruments against debtors at TPB, which will oversee the fulfillment of rights—of both injured and accused—as guaranteed by our new “Bill of Fundamental Rights” written into our proposed USA Constitution.

The initial “Mock” Suits on this website are not typical. In the beginning, on behalf of WTP-USA, TPB will file Suits against the NWO and its Deep State for money damages caused by their ‘COVID-19’ “Plandemic” crimes against humanity and other treasonous crimes in our USA.

Our “Second Revolution” will take place on paper—see ourRe-Declaration of Independence.” No violence will be needed or condoned. Starting with our USA Constitution, WTP-USA will simply expel the NWO and its Deep State from our new USA, along with their debt, their bloated bureaucracy, their political correctness, and all other facets of their satanic ‘matrix.’

Help us “drop the mock” by spreading the word to your family, friends and neighbors. Be peaceful. Be kind. Know that thousands of American Patriots are working nonstop to end the madness and restore our common law Republic.

Get behind TPB by purchasing the drafts of our proposed USA Constitution and the Mock Docs and future postings and merchandise, by spreading the word, and by participating in TPB‘s upcoming actions in your local community, as the USA Founding Patriots take on and take down the NWO and its Deep State. Please support us in every way you can. Thank you!

God bless our new USA!

Mock Docs Index:

The establishment and initial actions of THE PEOPLE’S BRANCH:

Mock Proposals #1-5: to institute THE PEOPLE’S BRANCH; to obtain the Government Services Contract; to manage the American People’s Money; to transfer Law Enforcement to TPB; and to transfer Public Education to TPB;

Mock Commands #1-4: to abolish ‘Income Taxes’; to seize our ‘Intelligence’ Property; to abolish ‘Abortion Rights’; and to seize all Public School Property;

Mock Suits & AOIs #1-8: vs. the ‘New World Order,’ its ‘Deep State,’ its corporate and individual sponsors, and its other Bio-Attackers and Mass-Murderers.

The ‘COVID-19’ “Plandemic” Bio-Attack:

Mock Proposal #8: to establish The People’s Grand Juries;

Mock Indictment #1: vs. Gates, Fauci and other Bio-Attackers;

Mock Suit & AOI #3: vs. the Bio-Attackers;

Mock Command #5: to Nullify Unlawful Vaccine Immunity;

Mock Command #6: to Seize DHHS, NIH, et al.

The 2020 Presidential Election Rigging:

Mock Proposals #6-7: to take back the DOJ, FBI & USPS;

Mock Command #7: to seize remaining assets of DOJ, FBI & USPS;

Mock Suits & AOIs #9-10: vs. Election Riggers.

The ‘Insurrection’ Hoax on January 6, 2021:

Mock Subpoenas #1-2: to Garland, Wray, Epps & Nestler;

Mock Indictment #2: vs. DOJ-FBI Traitors;

Mock Suit & AOI #11: vs. 01-06-21 ‘Insurrection’ Hoaxters.

Individual Mock Docs:

Mock Proposals:

Mock Proposal #1: to establish THE PEOPLE’S BRANCH;

Mock Proposal #2: to abolish ‘Income Taxes’;

Mock Proposal #3: to manage WTP-USA’s Money;

Mock Proposal #4: to take back USA Law Enforcement;

Mock Proposal #5: to take back USA Public Education;

Mock Proposal #6: to take back USA Justice System;

Mock Proposal #7: to take back USA Postal Services;

Mock Proposal #8: to establish The People’s Grand Juries;

Mock Commands:

Mock Command #1: to officially abolish ‘Income Taxes’;

Mock Command #2: to reclaim Intelligence Community;

Mock Command #3: to abolish ‘Abortion Rights’;

Mock Command #4: to reclaim USA Public Education;

Mock Command #5: to nullify Vaccine Immunity;

Mock Command #6: to reclaim USA Public Health Services;

Mock Command #7: to take back USDOJ, FBI & USPS;

Mock Suits & Affidavits of Injury:

Mock Suit & AOI #1: vs. the ‘New World Order’ (NWO);

Mock Suit & AOI #2: vs. NWO, USInc & CCP;

Mock Suit & AOI #3: vs. NWO, CDC, FDA, Gates, Fauci, et al.;

Mock Suit & AOI #4: vs. NWO, UN, WHO, WEF, Schwab, et al.;

Mock Suit & AOI #5: vs. NWO, USInc, NIH, AMA, Pfizer, et al.;

Mock Suit & AOI #6: vs. NWO, USInc, Big Media & Big Tech;

Mock Suit & AOI #7: vs. NWO, ‘Congress,’ Pentagon, et al.;

Mock Suit & AOI #8: vs. NWO, ‘Congress,’ Planned Parenthood, et al.;

Mock Suit & AOI #9: vs. NWO, USInc, Dominion Voting Systems, et al.;

Mock Suit & AOI #10: vs. USInc, Big Media & Big Tech Election Riggers;

Mock Suit & AOI #11: vs. USInc & DOJ/FBI ‘Insurrection’ Riggers;

Mock Indictments:

Mock Indictment #1: vs. ‘COVID-19’ Bio-Attackers;

Mock Indictment #2: vs. Jan.6 ‘Insurrection’ Riggers;

Other Mock Docs:

Mock Subpoena #1: to Garland, Wray & Epps;

Mock Subpoena #2: to Garland & Nestler;

More Mock Docs on the way!

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